Helpponouto is a service that picks up furniture, home appliances or other items directly from your home or office door for recycling and disposal. We ensure proper handling of the materials and with minimal impact to your free time and conscience.

One item pickup

For example:

2-3 person sofa

Readily detached book shelf


59€ and up

2-3 item pickup

99€ and up

For example:

Dinner table and two chairs

Large modular sofa

Book shelf with multiple parts

30 min pickup

149€ and up

For example:

Emptying a full room 

Emptying a storage space

Additional time 49€/15 min

We operate in the following areas

Tampere, Kangasala, Lempäälä, Nokia, Pirkkala, Ylöjärvi

Turku, Naantali, Kaarina, Lieto, Rusko, Raisio

Oulu, Kempele

Helsinki, Espoo, Kauniainen, Vantaa

Jyväskylä, Haapaniemi, Jyskä, Kinkomaa, Kuikka, Leppävesi, Muurame, Palokka, Puuppola, Säynätsalo, Tikkakoski, Vaajakoski, Vehniä, Vihtavuori

Helsinki region

Tampere region

Turku region

Oulu region

Jyväskylä region

How Helpponouto works

Recycle your old furniture in just four easy steps

We will handle recycling and waste management

 Usable items and furniture will be taken to recycling and re-usable material for sorting. All the costs of waste management are included in the price.



Get In Touch

Order the service by calling to our Customer Service: phone 010 636 6444 or ask for more information through our email


Select a time slot

Let us know which items should be picked up and when - you can choose a  suitable time slot during normal weekdays – mornings 8-12, afternoons 12-16 and evenings 16-19. The evening and morning slots are slightly more expensive.


Pickup and pay

 Helpponouto – easy pick up and recycle service will pick up the items on the appointed day. Our driver will call you 30-60 minutes before the pick up to make sure someone is there to open the door. The pick up can be paid with a bank or credit card during the pickup service.

Hear from our customers

Don't just take our word for it, let our customers tell their Helpponouto stories. 90% of the people that have used our service would recommend it to others

Customer from Helsinki

"Everything went so well that you cannot get the same service level from other places"

Customer from Helsinki

"Fast pickup on agreed time. 10/10 level of service"

Customer from Helsinki

"Nothing could be improved upon. Everything worked well. Thanks for the L&T Helpponouto team for a good service."

We also do company pick ups for small offices, apartment buildings and shops -

our company packages are designed to accommodate better multiple item pickups for additional flexibility to suit the needs of business customers

Small pick up

For example:

5-6 office chairs and two tables

99€ and up + VAT

15 minutes and 3 cubic meters

Medium pick up

175€ and up + VAT

For example:

10 office chairs

5 tables or kitchen equipment

30 minutes and 8 cubic meters

Large pick up

249€ and up + VAT

For example:

Emptying a small office

Additional time is 49€ + VAT for additional 15 minutes

45 minutes and 12 cubic meters


Will you carry the items all the way from my home or office?

- Yes, we will carry all the items from your home or office. If we should know a door code or something else beforehand, please let us know while ordering.

Is my piece of furniture considered to be one or multiple items?

- The item will be picked up as one item if two people can carry it out in one go. Items such as large sofas or divan will be considered as multiple items.

What happens to the items that are picked up through Helpponouto?

- Helpponouto will direct the items to responsible use. The goal is to direct high quality items for reuse and broken or otherwise unusable items for material recycling.

Can you help me with removing washing machines or similar appliances?

- Unfortunately Helpponouto does not provide installation or detachment for home appliances. The items need to already be detached when our drivers arrive.

Will you pick up household waste, bathtubs, pianos, paints or aquariums?

- Unfortunately we do not pick up dangerous goods or items that require special tools to be picked up. We also do not pick up household waste – it is managed through normal waste management.

Can I pay with bank card or Visa Electron?

- Yes you can, we support MasterCard, Visa, Maestro, V pay and Visa Electron cards. We do not take cash so please have your card ready for pick up. For company pick ups we offer invoicing.

What happens if I need a larger pick up package than what I selected?

- No worries, our drivers will evaluate the proper service package and update it if needed. If you estimate that your pick up will last more than 45 minutes, please let us know beforehand. 

Is the waste management fee included in the price?

- Yes, the service is inclusive of the pickup, transportation and possible waste management fee for all items.